ISPN 2021 Annual Conference - On Demand

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Welcome Remarks
Opening Keynote: Palliative Care at the Intersection of Social Injustice, Pandemic, and Hope
CS 1.1: COVID-19 Unsung Heroes: How Undergraduate Mental Health Student Nurses Stepped Up to the Mark
CS 1.2: Social Media Activation in the Era of COVID-19: An Innovative Approach to Eliminate the Impact of Video Gaming Among Omani Adolescents
CS 1.3: Simulation in PMHNP Education: Let's Pretend this is Real
CS 1.4: Management of Bipolar Disorder in Women of Childbearing Age
CS 2.1: Adaptation or Revolution: APRN Practice in the Time of COVID
CS 2.2: A NONPF Survey of How PMHNP Program Directors Facilitate Psychotherapeutic Skill Acquisition
Melva Jo Hendrix Lectureship: Reclaiming the Self: Creating Reality in a Misogynistic World
CS 3.1: Promoting Advocacy of New Nurses Experiencing Lateral Violence
CS: 3.2: Screening for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Acute and Community Settings
CS 3.3: The Lived Experience of College Faculty Following Student Suicide: A Phenomenological Inquiry
CS 4.1: The Psychiatric COVID Team: An Innovative Way to Care for COVID-19+ Psychiatric Inpatients on a COVID-19 Medical Unit
CS 4.2: Applying Strategies Across a Child’s Social Ecology to Address Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Recognition, and Response
ISPN Business Meeting
ISPN Awards Ceremony
CS 5.1: Supporting Preceptors in the Clinical Education of Nurse Practitioner Students
CS 6.1: Accounting of ISPN Policy Actions for 2020
CS 6.2: Caring for Clients and Precepting Students in the Age of COVID-19
CS 6.3: COVID Considerations: Engaging Nurse Practitioner Students through a Telehealth Integrated Team Based Simulation Experience
CS 7.1: Teaching Empathy Skills
CS 7.2: Do We Walk our Talk? Evidenced Based Wellness Lifestyle Practices for the Practitioner and Persons We Serve
Poster Session A
Poster Session B
Regionalization Meeting
Susan McCabe Lectureship: Clozapine: Management and Challenges
CS 8.1: Academic Service Learning (ASL) in the Transforming RN Roles in Primary Care (TRIP) Curriculum: An Advocacy Exemplar
CS 8.2: Family Caregivers’ Use of Personal and Social Resourcefulness: Differences by Care Recipient Condition
CS 8.3: Effectiveness of Music on Reducing Agitation in Older Nursing Home Residents with Dementia: A Literature Review
CS 9.3: Advocating for Revitalization of the Clinical Nurse Specialist
Workshop 1: Nurstory: Identifying Nurse Resilience in Practice
Closing Keynote: All Health is not Created Equal: Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequities
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