Substance Use - Psychotherapeutic Interventions

Dr. Marian Newton’s webinar, “Substance Use – Psychotherapeutic Interventions,” is a complementary sequel to the preceding webinar, “Substance Use – Medication Interventions.” Dr. Newton’s presentation includes communication skills, impediments to substance use disorder (SUD) recovery, and interventions including group therapies for SUDs with which she has 40 years of experience. Her inspiration to present this topic stems from outpatients in her current practice who typify the alarming SAMHSA 2018 survey data that 20 million (10% of) U.S. residents aged 18 and older had an SUD in the past year, and about 20% of 48 million with a mental illness in the past year had at least one SUD, i.e., dual diagnosis.

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Substance Use - Psychotherapeutic Interventions
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